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Change Log


Patch Changes

  • refactor: remove getMatch function from cssnano-utils

    The getMatch function allows nested arrays to emulate a map. It is better to replace this function with a regular Map(). It's unlikely this function is used outside of cssnano as it requires a very specific nested array struture.

  • fix: update postcss-calc to 8.2

    Remove a crash when postcss-calc cannot parse the value

  • Updated dependencies

    • cssnano-preset-default\@5.1.10

5.0.14 (2021-12-20)

Bug fixes

  • fix(cssnano): correctly resolve presets in pnpm monorepo (#1269) (6f9c7477eb)

5.0.13 (2021-12-16)

Patch Changes

  • chore(postcss-normalize-url): reduce dependencies (#1255)(a4267dedcd6)
  • fix(postcss-colormin): accept configuration options (#1263)(3b38038007)
  • Updated dependencies
    • cssnano-preset-default\@5.1.9

5.0.12 (2021-11-27)

Bug fixes

  • fix(postcss-reduce-initial): update initial values data (#1242) (c6e9f00b785)
  • Updated dependencies
    • cssnano-preset-default\@5.1.8

5.0.11 (2021-11-16)

Bug fixes

  • c38f14c: postcss-normalize-url: avoid changing parameter encoding


  • 31d5c07: refactor: drop one-liner dependencies
  • 0717282: postcss-merge-longhand: drop css-color-names dependency

5.0.10 (2021-11-05)

Bug fixes

  • postcss-merge-longhand: prevent crash in some situations (#1222) (83009a)

5.0.9 (2021-11-01)

Bug fixes

  • postcss-svgo: normalize SVG with escaped quote characters (#1200) (4ef5e41)

  • postcss-convert-values: preserve percentage-only properties (#1212) (8f3453)

  • postcss-minify-gradients: handle 2 color-stop-length in linear gradient (#1215) (8bb7ba6c)

  • cssnano-preset-advanced: update autoprefixer (#1213) (f19932)


  • postcss-colormin: use colord plugin for color minification (#1207) (3dbaa04)

5.0.8 (2021-08-18)


  • postcss-minify-gradients: remove extra dependencies (#1181) (50eb53)

5.0.7 (2021-07-21)

Bug fixes

  • cssnano: reduce dependencies by moving from cosmiconfig to lilconfig (#1168) (506a8232)

5.0.6 (2021-06-09)

Bug Fixes

postcss-normalize-url: bump normalize-url dependency to 6.0.1 (#1142) (b60f54bed)

postcss-ordered-values: preserve columns count (#1144) (9acd6a2fe3e)

5.0.5 (2021-05-28)

Bug fixes

  • Preserve alpha channel in color minification
  • Check overlaps more exhaustively when merging rules
  • Do not crash when the input CSS contains relative URLs

5.0.4 (2021-05-21)

Bug Fixes

5.0.3 (2021-05-19)

Bug Fixes

  • cssnano: many bug fixes in dependent packages. Most notably fixed buggy reordering of border declarations and improved color value minification. See the changelogs for the single presets and plugins for details.

5.0.2 (2021-04-26)

Bug Fixes

5.0.1 (2021-04-13)

Bug Fixes

5.0.0 (2021-04-06)

Note: Version bump only for package cssnano

5.0.0-rc.2 (2021-03-15)

Bug Fixes

5.0.0-rc.1 (2021-03-04)

Note: Version bump only for package cssnano

5.0.0-rc.0 (2021-02-19)

Bug Fixes

  • postcss-ordered-values: columns transform returning string instead of the AST (#928) (a5d6d36)
  • unique-selector: removed sorting and involving selector comments (#857) (3fa875d)


  • minimum require version of node is 10.13 (#871) (28bda24)



  • minimum supported postcss version is 8.2.1
  • minimum require version of node is 10.13

4.1.10 (2019-02-14)

4.1.9 (2019-02-12)

Bug Fixes

4.1.7 (2018-10-22)

4.1.6 (2018-10-22)

4.1.5 (2018-10-17)

Bug Fixes

  • toggling of plugins in presets using boolean configuration option (#622) (15076f1)

4.1.4 (2018-09-27)

4.1.3 (2018-09-25)

4.1.2 (2018-09-25)

4.1.1 (2018-09-24)

Bug Fixes

4.1.0 (2018-08-24)

4.0.5 (2018-07-30)

4.0.4 (2018-07-25)

4.0.3 (2018-07-18)

Bug Fixes


Bug Fixes

  • stylehacks does not throw error on [attr] selector


Performance Improvements

  • postcss-colormin: increase performance
  • postcss-discard-comments: increase performance
  • postcss-merge-rules increase performance
  • postcss-minify-params increase performance
  • postcss-minify-selectors: increase performance
  • postcss-normalize-display-values: increase performance
  • postcss-normalize-positions: increase performance
  • postcss-normalize-repeat-style: increase performance
  • postcss-normalize-string: increase performance
  • postcss-normalize-timing-functions: increase performance
  • postcss-normalize-whitespace: increase performance
  • postcss-ordered-values: increase performance
  • postcss-reduce-transforms: increase performance
  • postcss-svgo: increase performance

Bug Fixes

  • postcss-merge-longhand handle uppercase properties and values
  • postcss-minify-gradients handle uppercase properties and values
  • postcss-minify-params do break @page rules
  • postcss-reduce-idents handle uppercase at-rules
  • postcss-reduce-initial now uses repeat as initial value for mask-repeat
  • postcss-reduce-initial handle uppercase value when you convert to initial
  • stylehacks handle uppercase properties and values


Performance Improvements

  • initial loading time (require('cssnano')).

Bug Fixes

  • postcss-merge-longhand correctly merging border properties with custom properties.


Bug Fixes

  • republish cssnano due broken release.


Bug Fixes

  • postcss-merge-longhand doesn't throw error when merge a border property.


Bug Fixes

  • cssnano now allow to toggling of plugins in presets using boolean configuration option.
  • postcss-merge-longhand doesn't merge properties with unset.
  • postcss-merge-longhand correctly merge borders with custom properties.
  • postcss-merge-longhand doesn't merge redundant values if declarations are of different importance.

Other changes

  • postcss-calc updated to 7.0.0 version.


Other changes

  • css-declaration-sorter now use PostCSS 7.
  • postcss-calc now use PostCSS 7.


Other changes

  • postcss-minify-font-values now use PostCSS 7.
  • postcss-discard-duplicates now use PostCSS 7.


Bug Fixes

  • postcss-svgo now handle DataURI with uppercase data value (DATA:image/*;...).


Bug Fixes

  • css-declaration-sorter was removed from default prevent.
  • postcss-normalize-timing-functions doesn't lowercased property anymore.
  • postcss-normalize-positons now handles uppercase properties.
  • postcss-normalize-url now is case-insensitive.
  • postcss-merge-idents now is case-insensitive.
  • postcss-merge-rules now is case-insensitive.
  • postcss-minify-selectors now is case-insensitive.
  • postcss-minify-font-values now is case-insensitive.
  • postcss-normalize-unicode now has correct dependencies.
  • postcss-minify-params now has correct dependencies.

Other changes

  • cssnano-preset-advanced use Autoprefixer 9.
  • use PostCSS 7 in all plugins.


Bug Fixes

  • postcss-merge-longhand doesn't mangle borders.


  • postcss-ordered-values support ordering animation values.


Bug Fixes

  • postcss-merge-longhand now correctly merges borders with custom properties.
  • postcss-merge-longhand doesn't throw error in some border merge cases.


Bug Fixes

  • postcss-merge-longhand doesn't drop border-width with custom property from border shorthand.
  • postcss-merge-longhand doesn't convert currentColor.
  • postcss-merge-longhand doesn't merge border properties if there is a shorthand property between them.


Bug Fixes

  • postcss-merge-longhand incorrect minification of border (border-*) declarations.


Bug Fixes

  • postcss-merge-longhand don't explode declarations with custom properties.
  • postcss-colormin now better transform to hsl.


Bug Fixes

  • browserslist version incompatibility with caniuse-api.


Breaking changes

  • We dropped support for Node 4, now requiring at least Node 6.9.


  • postcss-merge-longhand now optimises border-spacing property.

Bug Fixes

  • postcss-normalize-unicode doesn't change U to lowercase for IE <= 11 and Edge <= 15.
  • postcss-merge-longhand works with custom properties (Example a { border-style:dotted; border-style:var(--variable) }) correctly.
  • postcss-ordered-values handle border property with invalid border width value correctly.
  • postcss-merge-rules handles :-ms-input-placeholder and ::-ms-input-placeholder selectors correctly.
  • postcss-merge-rules works with all property correctly.
  • postcss-normalize-url don't handle empty url function.
  • postcss-normalize-url handles data and *-extension:// URLs correctly.
  • postcss-colormin adds whitespace after minified value and before function.
  • postcss-minify-font-values better escapes font name.
  • postcss-minify-params doesn't remove all for IE.

Other changes

  • update all dependencies to latest.
  • better handles uppercase selectors/properties/values/units.



  • Includes the new release candidate for postcss-selector-parser 3.
  • Refactors comments tokenizing in postcss-discard-comments to be more memory efficient.
  • Adds css-declaration-sorter for improved gzip compression efficiencies (thanks to @Siilwyn).
  • postcss-svgo now optimises base 64 encoded SVG where possible (thanks to @evilebottnawi).
  • stylehacks now supports @media \0screen\,screen\9 {} hacks (thanks to @evilebottnawi).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed handling of package.json configuration (thanks to @andyjansson).
  • Fixed resolveConfig for a Root node without a source property (thanks to @darthmaim).
  • Improved radial gradient handling (thanks to @pigcan).
  • stylehacks now properly accounts for vendor prefixes (thanks to @evilebottnawi).


Bug Fixes

  • cssnano: Resolved an issue with external configuration which wasn't being loaded correctly (thanks to @andyjansson).
  • postcss-minify-params: Resolved an issue with cssnano's handling of the @value syntax from css-modules to better integrate with css-loader.


Since version 4 has been in-development for some time, we thought it would be best to release an alpha version so that we could catch any issues before the actual release.

Breaking changes

  • cssnano & its plugins have been upgraded to PostCSS 6.x. Please ensure that for optimal results that you use cssnano with a PostCSS 6 compatible runner & that any other plugins are also using PostCSS 6.

  • cssnano is now essentially a preset loader and does not contain any built-in transforms (instead, it delegates to cssnano-preset-default by default). Due to the new architecture, it's not possible to exclude asynchronous transforms and run it synchronously, unlike in 3.x. Any transforms that were "core" modules have now been extracted out into separate packages.

  • Because of the new preset system, cssnano will not accept any transformation options; these must be set in the preset. The option names remain mostly the same, except some cases where "core" modules have been extracted out:

    • core is now normalizeWhitespace.
    • reduceBackgroundRepeat is now normalizeRepeatStyle.
    • reduceDisplayValues is now normalizeDisplayValues.
    • reducePositions is now normalizePositions.
    • reduceTimingFunctions is now normalizeTimingFunctions.
    • styleCache is now rawCache.

    When excluding transforms, we now have an exclude option (in 3.x this was named disable). Similarly, the safe option was removed; the defaults are now much less aggressive.

  • By default, the following transforms are no longer applied to any input CSS. You may see an increased output file size as a result:

    • autoprefixer
    • postcss-discard-unused
    • postcss-merge-idents
    • postcss-reduce-idents
    • postcss-zindex

    Note that you can load cssnano-preset-advanced instead which does contain these transforms.

  • We no longer detect previous plugins to silently exclude our own, and now consider this to be an anti-pattern. So postcss-filter-plugins was removed.

  • We also changed some options to make the default transforms safer:

    • postcss-minify-font-values: removeAfterKeyword set to false from true.
    • postcss-normalize-url: stripWWW set to false from true.
  • cssnano now does not accept the sourcemap shortcut option; please refer to the PostCSS documentation on sourcemaps. The quickstart.js file included with this module will give you a good starting point.

  • cssnano.process is no longer a custom method; we use the built-in process method exposed on each PostCSS plugin. The new signature is cssnano.process(css, postcssOpts, cssnanoOpts), in 3.x it was cssnano.process(css, cssnanoOpts).

  • We dropped support for Node 0.12, now requiring at least Node 4.

  • Finally, cssnano is now developed as a monorepo, due to the fact that some transforms have a lot of grey area/overlap. Due to this, some modules have been refactored to delegate responsibility to others, such that duplication of functionality is minimized. For instance, postcss-colormin will no longer compress whitespace or compress numbers, as those are handled by postcss-normalize-whitespace & postcss-convert-values respectively.

Other changes

  • Due to the PostCSS 6 upgrade, we have been able to reduce usage of custom methods, such as node clone behaviour. In cases where some utility has been used by several plugins it is now a separate package, reducing cssnano's footprint.
  • cssnano now makes much better use of Browserslist. postcss-colormin & postcss-reduce-initial were enhanced with different behaviour depending on which browsers are passed. And now, the footprint for the caniuse-db dependency is much smaller thanks to caniuse-lite - 7 times smaller as of this writing. This makes cssnano much faster to download from npm!


  • cssnano will no longer console.warn any messages when using deprecated options; these are now sent to PostCSS. You will be able to see them if you use a PostCSS runner with built-in messages support, or alternately by loading postcss-reporter or postcss-browser-reporter in your plugins list.
  • Prepares support for grid identifier reduction by adding it to the list of optimisations turned off when is set to true.
  • Adds support for normalizing unicode-range descriptors. Values will be converted when the code matches 0 & f in the same place on both sides of the range. So, u+2000-2fff can be converted to u+2???, but u+2100-2fff will be left as it is.


  • Resolves an integration issue with v3.9.0, where undefined values would attempt to be parsed.


  • Adds a new option to normalize wrapping quotes for strings & joining multiple-line strings into a single line. This optimisation can potentially reduce the final gzipped size of your CSS file.


  • Resolves an issue where display: list-item inline flow would be normalized to inline list-item rather than inline-list-item (thanks to @mattbasta).



  • Adds support for normalizing multiple values for the display property. For example block flow can be simplified to block.


  • Further improves CSS mixin handling; semicolons will no longer be stripped from rules as well as declarations.


  • Resolves an issue where the semicolon was being incorrectly stripped from CSS mixins.


  • Resolves an issue where the safe flag was not being persisted across multiple files (thanks to @techmatt101).


  • Improves performance of the reducePositions transform by testing against hasOwnProperty instead of using an array of object keys.
  • Removes the redundant indexes-of dependency.


  • Unpins postcss-filter-plugins from 2.0.0 as a fix has landed in the new version of uniqid.


  • Temporarily pins postcss-filter-plugins to version 2.0.0 in order to mitigate an issue with uniqid 3.0.0.


  • Enabling safe mode now turns off both postcss-merge-idents & postcss-normalize-url's stripWWW option.


  • Added: Reduce background-repeat definitions; works with both this property & the background shorthand, and aims to compress the extended two value syntax into the single value syntax.
  • Added: Reduce initial values for properties when the actual initial value is shorter; for example, min-width: initial becomes min-width: 0.


  • Fixed an issue where cssnano would crash on steps(1).


  • Fixed an issue where cssnano would crash on steps functions with a single argument.


  • Added postcss-discard-overridden to safely discard overridden rules with the same identifier (thanks to @Justineo).
  • Added: Reduce animation/transition timing functions. Detects cubic-bezier functions that are equivalent to the timing keywords and compresses, as well as normalizing the steps timing function.
  • Added the perspective-origin property to the list of supported properties transformed by the reduce-positions transform.


  • Resolves an issue where the 3 or 4 value syntax for background-position were being incorrectly converted.


  • Improves checking for background-position values in the background shorthand property.


  • Adds a new optimisation path which can minimise keyword values for background-position and the background shorthand.
  • Tweaks to performance in the core module, now performs less AST passes.
  • Now compiled with Babel 6.


  • Adds a new optimisation path which can minimise gradient parameters automatically.


  • Fixes an issue where using threw an error when cssnano was not used as part of a PostCSS instance, but standalone (such as in modules like gulp-cssnano). cssnano now renames safe internally to isSafe.


  • Unpins postcss-colormin from 2.1.2, as the 2.1.3 & 2.1.4 patches had optimization regressions that are now resolved in 2.1.5.


  • Updated modules to use postcss-value-parser version 3 (thanks to @TrySound).
  • Now converts between transform functions with postcss-reduce-transforms. e.g. translate3d(0, 0, 0) becomes translateZ(0).


  • cssnano no longer converts outline: none to outline: 0, as there are some cases where the values are not equivalent (thanks to @TrySound).
  • cssnano no longer converts for example 16px to 1pc by default. Length optimisations can be turned on via {convertValues: {length: true}}.
  • Improved minimization of css functions (thanks to @TrySound).


  • This release swaps postcss-single-charset for postcss-normalize-charset, which can detect encoding to determine whether a charset is necessary. Optionally, you can set the add option to true to prepend a UTF-8 charset to the output automatically (thanks to @TrySound).
  • A safe option was added, which disables more aggressive optimisations, as a convenient preset configuration (thanks to @TrySound).
  • Added an option to convert from deg to turn & vice versa, & improved minification performance in functions (thanks to @TrySound).


  • Fixes an issue where cssnano was removing spaces around forward slashes in string literals (thanks to @TrySound).


  • Fixes an issue where cssnano was removing spaces around forward slashes in calc functions.


  • Replaced css-list & balanced-match with postcss-value-parser, reducing the module's overall size (thanks to @TrySound).


  • All cssnano plugins and cssnano itself have migrated to PostCSS 5.x. Please make sure that when using the 3.x releases that you use a 5.x compatible PostCSS runner.
  • cssnano will now compress inline SVG through SVGO. Because of this change, interfacing with cssnano must now be done through an asynchronous API. The main process method has the same signature as a PostCSS processor instance.
  • The old options such as merge & fonts that were deprecated in release 2.5.0 were removed. The new architecture allows you to specify any module name to disable it.
  • postcss-minify-selectors' at-rule compression was extracted out into postcss-minify-params (thanks to @TrySound).
  • Overall performance of the module has improved dramatically, thanks to work by @TrySound and input from the community.
  • Improved selector merging/deduplication in certain use cases.
  • cssnano no longer compresses hex colours in filter properties, to better support old versions of Internet Explorer (thanks to @faddee).
  • cssnano will not merge properties together that have an inherit keyword.
  • postcss-minify-font-weight & postcss-font-family were consolidated into postcss-minify-font-values. Using the old options will print deprecation warnings (thanks to @TrySound).
  • The cssnano CLI was extracted into a separate module, so that dependent modules such as gulp-cssnano don't download unnecessary extras.


  • Improved performance of the core module functionOptimiser.


  • Adds a new optimisation which re-orders properties that accept values in an arbitrary order. This can lead to improved merging behaviour in certain cases.


  • Adds support for disabling modules of the user's choosing, with new option names. The old options (such as merge & fonts) will be removed in 3.0.


  • postcss-minify-selectors was extended to add support for conversion of ::before to :before; this release removes the dedicated postcss-pseudoelements module.


  • Consolidated postcss-minify-trbl & two integrated modules into postcss-merge-longhand.


  • Replaced integrated plugin filter with postcss-filter-plugins.
  • Improved rule merging logic.
  • Improved performance across the board by reducing AST iterations where it was possible to do so.
  • cssnano will now perform better whitespace compression when used with other PostCSS plugins.


  • Fixes an issue where options were not passed to normalize-url.


  • Allow postcss-font-family to be disabled.


  • cssnano can now be consumed with the parentheses-less method in PostCSS; e.g. postcss([ cssnano ]).
  • Fixes an issue where 'Din' was being picked up by the logic as a numeric value, causing the full font name to be incorrectly rearranged.


  • Extract trbl value reducing into a separate module.
  • Refactor core longhand optimiser to not rely on trbl cache.
  • Adds support for ch units; previously they were removed.
  • Fixes parsing of some selector hacks.
  • Fixes an issue where embedded base 64 data was being converted as if it were a URL.


  • Add postcss-plugin keyword to package.json.
  • Wraps all core processors with the PostCSS 4.1 plugin API.


  • Adds removal of outdated vendor prefixes based on browser support.
  • Addresses an issue where relative path separators were converted to backslashes on Windows.
  • cssnano will now detect previous plugins and silently disable them when the functionality overlaps. This is to enable faster interoperation with cssnext.
  • cssnano now exports as a PostCSS plugin. The simple interface is exposed at cssnano.process(css, opts) instead of cssnano(css, opts).
  • Improved URL detection when using two or more in the same declaration.
  • node 0.10 is no longer officially supported.


  • Fixes incorrect minification of background:none to background:0 0.


  • Fixes an issue with nested URLs inside url() functions.


  • Addresses an issue where whitespace removal after a CSS function would cause rendering issues in Internet Explorer.


  • Adds support for removal of unused @keyframes and @counter-style at-rules.
  • comments: adds support for user-directed removal of comments, with the remove option (thanks to @dmitrykiselyov).
  • comments: removeAllButFirst now operates on each CSS tree, rather than the first one passed to cssnano.


  • Fixes incorrect minification of border:none to border:0 0.


  • Improved selector minifying logic, leading to better compression of attribute selectors.
  • Improved comment discarding logic.


  • Fixes crash on undefined decl.before from prior AST.


  • Added support for bundling cssnano using webpack (thanks to @MoOx).


  • Fixed a bug where a CSS function keyword inside its value would throw an error.


  • Better support for merging properties without the existance of a shorthand override.
  • Can now 'merge forward' adjacent rules as well as the previous 'merge behind' behaviour, leading to better compression.
  • Selector re-ordering now happens last in the chain of plugins, to help clean up merged selectors.


  • Now can merge identifiers such as @keyframes and @counter-style if they have duplicated properties but are named differently.
  • Fixes an issue where duplicated keyframes with the same name would cause an infinite loop.


  • Improve module loading logic (thanks to @tunnckoCore).
  • Improve minification of numeric values, with better support for rem, trailing zeroes and slash/comma separated values (thanks to @TrySound & @tunnckoCore).
  • Fixed an issue where -webkit-tap-highlight-color values were being incorrectly transformed to transparent. This is not supported in Safari.
  • Added support for viewport units (thanks to @TrySound).
  • Add MIT license file.


  • Add repository/author links to package.json.


  • Initial release.